For Our Teachers & Staff

The PTB is very appreciative of all of the hard work and dedication you display on a daily basis. Thank you!

To provide you with the resources you need to do your job most effectively, the PTB has created the Teacher Classroom Fund.

Teacher Classroom Fund

The PTB budgets a “Classroom Fund” for all teachers to help you with the purchase of classroom supplies. To find out the exact amount set aside for you, teachers should contact the PTB treasurer after that year’s budget has been created and approved. This amount can vary year to year based on funds raised and current PTB expenses.

To be reimbursed by the PTB for classroom purchases, teachers need only submit receipts and a PTB Funding Request (MS Excel form).

If you have any other needs not covered by these funds, please contact the PTB.

Teachers & Staff - We invite you to attend as many PTB meetings as you can so that you can stay informed of our work. We also welcome your input and feedback.