PTB stands for Parents and Teachers of Bartlett Elementary School, an organization that is an important part of Bartlett Elementary School. Your opinions, ideas, and help are always welcome.

Mission Statement

The objectives of the PTB shall be to improve our children’s lives through intelligent cooperation between parents and teachers and to bring together the home and the school.


If you want your opinion to count, hear what other parents think, hear what the teachers want, or what the principal has to say, then please join us at a PTB meeting.

All Bartlett Elementary School parents, teachers and staff are welcome at all meetings. Meetings are held almost every month, see our Meetings page for scheduled meetings. You can find our meeting minutes here.

PTB Funds

Fundraisers help the classroom teachers enrich the learning environment through the purchase of supplies and equipment. Here are just some of the ways PTB funds are used:

  • Technology for the classrooms, including digital projectors
  • Technology for the school, including mobile computer labs with WiFi
  • Student Recognition Programs
  • Art Supplies
  • Gym/Playground Equipment
  • Assemblies
  • Assignment notebooks and folders
  • Staff Luncheons and Gifts
  • Field Trips Subsidies for Students
  • Learning Center books and materials


A PDF copy of our by-laws can be found here. At our first meeting September 7, 2016 the PTB will be voting to adopt amended by-laws. The proposed changes to the by-laws can be found in this draft document for review.